Start of journey as an entrepreneur

The time is around October 2015. At this stage we have taken steps to come out of our jobs and go full time on our startup SimplyMoveIn

The time is full of excitement, we are ready to take risks and dive into the journey. We have been planning this for months. Have made MVP and set the basics of business. Few customers have started visiting our properties, but we don't have any conversions yet. But with the kind of customers feedback and inventory bulging we have been able to do, we see huge potential. All the owners have shown their interest in some way or other. We see a huge opportunity. 

How we arrived here? Though it has been short journey till now but we have gone through few customers feedback. We have talked with numerous property owners. 

We started with a small idea. An idea of giving people freedom from problems of setting up homes everytime one changes city. One has to go through many portals. These portals don't have authentic photos, they don't have actual videos. The reality is much different from photo and data shown. Even after selecting a home, a lot of things are left. Next comes hefty deposit. Such a huge chunk if money just stuck without generating any returns. Then comes brokerage, as most listings in any website are by brokers. Still now one needs to either buy furniture or shift old furniture. Now next comes setting up of internet, gas and cable. All this has to be done every time one shifts home. 

A small idea of providing homes without deposit, without brokers, ready to move in, ready to live. Make an Uber of homes. That's the idea. Looks convincing enough and we dive into it.


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