Coldcalling / Cold connect as a way to get big Deals

In recent years, I have engaged in significant high-value deal negotiations, successfully garnering the trust of influential decision-makers on behalf of the institutions I represented. My professional journey has seen me assume diverse roles across various domains, requiring me to cultivate fresh relationships for each new task or challenge. Drawing upon my extensive experience, I have distilled essential insights for effective cold calling as an integral strategy for approaching business development


Exploring the merits of cold calling:

  1. Expansive Outreach: Enables coverage of a broader geographical area, reaching a wider spectrum of potential contacts.

  2. Increased Daily Outreach: Facilitates engagement with a greater number of locations on a daily basis, amplifying the outreach effort.

  3. Organized Documentation: Provides the advantage of having comprehensive talk records, adept objection handling strategies, and pertinent notes readily accessible during conversations.

  4. Efficient Information Gathering: Allows for the efficient collection of information during phone interactions, which can be compiled for subsequent analysis, aiding in informed decision-making.


Having acknowledged the potential effectiveness of the cold calling process, let's explore the necessary steps to navigate through this procedure.

First step is Preparation:

  1. Daily Goal Setting and Mindset: Parkinson's Law posits that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. It is crucial to align daily targets, derived from weekly or monthly objectives, as the primary benchmarks for daily achievement. I derive the number of appointments I aim to secure from these targets. Additionally, I plan the information to be gathered during these calls, organizing it in a tabular format. Recognizing and counting both small and significant victories is essential for comprehensive process tracking.
  1. Preparation of Raw Data: Before delving into the automated calling process, it is imperative to assemble the data required for cold calling in advance. Initiating calls without a prepared list can be both challenging and unproductive. While striving for an ideal list is commendable, it's crucial not to expend excessive time attempting to cover every detail initially. Begin with the best available list for the initial calls, recognizing that refinement may be necessary after gaining insights from the initial calls. The essential components of this list include the Company Name, contacts of three individuals (name, title, phone number), and a succinct, tailored value proposition for the company or individual being contacted. It's important to acknowledge the need for slight modifications based on the background of the individuals being connected, such as tailoring the approach for a CEO, CFO, or CTO.
  1. Concluding To-Do List: Print or organize lists in Excel for quick reference. Prepare and rehearse talking points in advance. Have objection handling lists with corresponding responses readily available. Keep credentials easily accessible, including information on past customers, services rendered, and outcomes achieved. Monitor the number of calls made, direct messages reached, and appointments scheduled. Document objections received and continually update objection lists, categorizing them according to the types of objections encountered.

Navigation process:

Zero Out" when encountering a company voicemail entails transitioning to a systematic questioning approach. Begin by inquiring about the presence of XYZ in the office today, creating an impression of familiarity. If the response is negative, proceed with questions such as whether they have seen him, if it's feasible to locate him, or if there's someone knowledgeable nearby. Subsequently, inquire about the possibility of obtaining his phone number or transferring the call. An additional tactic involves requesting connection to a different department and, once connected, explaining the need for redirection to the intended person. This gives the appearance of an internal call transfer rather than an external one. If unsuccessful, repeat the process at intervals. Meanwhile, gather pertinent information, including details about any recent travel, noted phone numbers, and concurrently, establish rapport with the team.

Number Game: 

During the course of this process, meticulously monitor various key metrics. Keep track of call pick-ups, noting the frequency and responsiveness of your outreach. Document the appointments secured, ensuring a systematic record of successful engagements. Regularly assess your progress against daily objectives, ensuring a clear understanding of achievement levels. Simultaneously, record the information collected during calls, maintaining a comprehensive database for future reference and analysis. This systematic tracking ensures a dynamic and informed approach to the evolving demands of the cold calling strategy

What to say when the right target picks up the call: 

Seize the opportunity when a decision-maker answers, and be well-prepared with a compelling dialogue. Anticipate common objections and craft key responses for scenarios like "I'm not interested," "I'm too busy," or "We already have a vendor." When faced with disinterest, pivot to asking for more information to uncover specific needs or challenges. This proactive preparation equips you to navigate objections seamlessly and steer the conversation towards establishing value and relevance.

In the realm of B2B interactions, acknowledge and celebrate small victories, recognizing that the process often unfolds gradually. Keeping a tally of these incremental successes is instrumental in evaluating the efficacy of different approaches. Leverage technology as a primary tool for addressing the needs of multiple customers simultaneously, streamlining communication, and enhancing overall efficiency.


Looking forward to share more of my finding here again.

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